Just work today...nothing exciting. and was too lazy to get out to take a photo.

This is a pic of my wall in my office. It is a huge beach picture and has been there since I brought it to PTP about 5 yrs ago. lol.

I thought it would be nice to see the beach everyday, even if you have to be inside.

This pic is not the best quality, but hints at what I wanted.

Mar 30th

Met up with a an old buddy of mine today. Beth.

We met @ MEC, and so while I was waiting for her, I went upstairs to the parking lot on the roof to get a photo of another WINDY day.

As you can see the flags are flapping for all their worth, happy to have something to do Im sure, as that was what they were made for!

I also got a 2nd photo on this day because I have always liked the look of the building across from MEC. I think it is the flower that makes me smile.

Mar 29th

Windy Windy.

Clouds have been blowing in & out for a couple days. The rain has been coming down sideways, and even some hail. weird.

The rain let up for a bit that enabled me to snap a quick shot.

Mar 28th

Here is a pic of my Olympic coin collection.

Im not sure how many coins there were released for the 2010 winter games, or which sports actually make up the set....but I managed to get 6.

So to me, it is a set, just got the last one today :)

Included in SP's set:
Men's & Women's Hockey and to me...that's gold!

Mar 27th

Went over to Tara's after work today.
We were up on her roof this evening waiting for 'Earth Hour'....we wanted to see if we would be able to notice any lights going out across the city. We especially had our eyes on the two ski hills you can see from her roof...but alas, nothing to be seen or noticed.
Only a nice tranquil sit out on the roof.

Mar 26th

...con't from the 25th.

Posting a pic that I like. So this is the photo of the day today.

Mar 25th

Went for a walk on my days off and snapped a bunch of pics...

so in no particular order I opted to post a couple that I liked.